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The 2 Phases of Internet of Things and Marketing

In Phase 2, marketers will attempt to open this system to advertisers. We will see the development of ad networks designed for the Internet of Things. IoT has been couched as a tool for ‘personalization,’ ‘engagement’ and new ‘customer experiences,’ but these characterizations are too vague. IoT may be worthy of all the buzzwords, but what…

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Zwift: Internet of Bicycle Things

Being an avid cyclist that doesn’t have time to ride during daylight hours mid-week, I often end up riding my bike on a stationary trainer in the evening while watching bike race videos on YouTube. Friends, that dog only hunts for so long. To address this very issue, an enterprising on-line virtual cycling experience vendor…

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Space-Time Insight: Real World IoT Contextual Analytics

Space-Time Insight offers an IoT analytics platform and a portfolio of IoT analytics applications for power generation and distribution, logistics and other industrial uses. Their platform and applications combine device, business and external data to give informed views of on-going critical business operations, providing right-now alerts and future predictions. These operational views then allow enterprises…

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